What Is PBIS Rewards? – Creating a Positive Learning Environment

PBIS Rewards is a system designed to enhance the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) framework used by many educational institutions around the globe. It combines modern technology with evidence-based practices to encourage and foster positive behavior among students.

Let’s dive into the details and discuss how it’s transforming the landscape of behavioral management in schools, and how it can improve your classroom management and student behavior.

An Overview

Positive Behavioral Interventions Rewards is a powerful, customizable platform that aims to create a conducive, inclusive, and positive learning environment for all students.

By leveraging technology, PBIS Rewards makes the implementation of the PBIS framework simpler, more efficient, and fun. But before delving into its specifics, let’s familiarize ourselves with the PBIS framework upon which this system is based.

The Framework

The Positive Behavioral Interventions framework is a proactive approach designed to improve student behavior and create positive school environments. It’s a tiered model where each level addresses different student needs.

PBIS emphasizes the importance of teaching and reinforcing positive behaviors rather than just punishing negative ones. It’s based on the belief that students can learn behavioral expectations and that consistent, positive reinforcements lead to positive changes in behavior.

The Necessity of These Rewards

advent of Positive Behavioral Interventions Rewards

Before the advent of Positive Behavioral Interventions Rewards, the PBIS framework was often challenging to implement effectively. Manual tracking and reinforcement of behaviors were labor-intensive and prone to inconsistency and inaccuracies.

PBIS Rewards emerged as a solution to these issues, offering a seamless, comprehensive, and automated approach to implementing Positive Behavioral Interventions.

The Basics

Now that we have a basic understanding of the PBIS framework let’s take a look at PBIS Rewards and how it functions.

PBIS Rewards is an all-in-one system that supports Positive Behavioral Interventions implementation in schools. It includes digital tokens for reward delivery, a school store, event management, and more. It’s available on various platforms, including desktop and mobile, making it accessible and easy to use for staff, students, and parents.

PBIS Rewards simplifies and enhances the process of acknowledging positive behavior. Staff can instantly award points, or “rewards,” to students demonstrating positive behavior. Students can view their rewards balance, purchase items from the school store, or save for special events.

This digital approach eliminates the need for paper tokens and the associated administrative burden.

How Does It Work?

The PBIS Rewards system operates through a user-friendly application, making the process of recognizing and rewarding positive behavior simple and instantaneous. Each student has an account where points are deposited by school staff whenever positive behavior is displayed.

The collected points can then be redeemed for various rewards, such as privileges, items from the school store, or attendance at special events. This promotes a tangible connection between positive behaviors and rewarding outcomes, encouraging students to exhibit these behaviors more consistently.

Key Features

PBIS Rewards boasts numerous features that make the PBIS framework implementation more streamlined, effective, and engaging. Let’s delve into the most prominent ones.

Digital Token Economy

Positive Behavioral Interventions Rewards system

In the Positive Behavioral Interventions Rewards system, physical tokens are replaced with digital points. Staff can award these points using a mobile device or computer, immediately acknowledging positive behavior.

This instant reinforcement enhances the connection between the desirable behavior and the reward, thereby fostering the repetition of such behaviors.

These digital tokens not only reduce the workload associated with physical tokens but also offer students a real-time view of their progress. Students can manage their rewards, plan their spending, and learn valuable lessons about decision-making and delayed gratification.

School Store & Event Management

PBIS Rewards is not just about earning and redeeming points. It includes a fully integrated school store and event management system. Schools can list items, privileges, or events in the store that students can purchase using their accumulated points.

The system also allows for the management of special events, from exclusive lunches with the principal to field trips. These events can be ticketed and tracked within the app, making event management easier and more efficient for school staff.

2 Benefits

There are numerous benefits to implementing PBIS Rewards in your educational institution. Let’s explore a few of these.

1. Enhanced Student Engagement

PBIS Rewards creates a culture of positivity and recognition

PBIS Rewards creates a culture of positivity and recognition that can significantly boost student engagement. As students strive to earn more points, they’re more likely to participate, follow the rules, and engage positively with peers and teachers.

Additionally, the system provides immediate feedback to students, letting them know they’re on the right track. This instant gratification reinforces the positive behavior and encourages its repetition.

2. Improved School Climate

By promoting positive behavior and reducing the focus on punitive measures, PBIS Rewards helps create a more positive, inclusive, and supportive school environment. This improved school climate can lead to better academic performance, reduced disciplinary issues, and higher levels of student and staff satisfaction.

Implementation of These Rewards

Implementing Positive Behavioral Interventions Rewards in your school is a structured process that requires planning and collaboration. Let’s discuss some essential steps.

Establishing Your Team

The first step towards implementing PBIS Rewards is to form a dedicated Positive Behavioral Interventions team.

This team, ideally a mix of administrators, teachers, support staff, and perhaps even parents or students, will oversee the rollout and ongoing management of the PBIS Rewards system.

The Positive Behavioral Interventions team will work together to define the school’s behavioral expectations, establish the rewards system, train other staff members, and monitor the program’s progress.

Setting Expectations and Rewards

The PBIS team will also need to establish the behavioral expectations for the school and how they will be reinforced through rewards. This might involve defining what behaviors are considered positive and the number of points that will be awarded for each.

Moreover, the team will decide on the types of rewards students can earn. This could include privileges like extra break time, tangible items from the school store, or special events like a school dance. It’s essential to ensure the rewards are desirable to students and provide motivation for positive behavior.

Role of Teachers and Staff

Teachers and other school staff play a vital role in implementing PBIS Rewards successfully. They’re on the front lines, observing student behavior and awarding points.

Providing Training and Support

For PBIS Rewards to be effective, all staff members must understand the system and how to use it. This will involve training sessions where staff can learn about the Positive Behavioral Interventions framework, the PBIS Rewards system, and its role in its successful implementation.

Support should also be ongoing. The Positive Behavioral Interventions team should be available to answer questions, address concerns, and provide assistance as needed.

Consistent Use of the System

Consistency is crucial for the success of PBIS Rewards. All staff should consistently acknowledge and reward positive behaviors when they see them. This consistency will help students to understand and trust the system, increasing the likelihood of its success.

Parental Involvement

Parents can support PBIS implementation

Parents can support PBIS implementation by reinforcing the same expectations and rewards at home. The PBIS Rewards system includes a parent app, which allows parents to track their child’s progress, see their rewards balance, and stay updated with school news and events.

This involvement helps to create a consistent, school-wide approach to behavior that extends beyond the classroom, further encouraging positive behaviors.

Benefits for Parents

For parents, PBIS Rewards offers transparency. They can see their child’s behavior and rewards in real-time, enabling them to discuss these matters with their child and offer additional reinforcement or guidance.

The system also promotes positive parent-school communication. Parents can be more engaged in their child’s education, celebrate their achievements, and work collaboratively with the school to address any potential issues.


What Are the Benefits of PBIS Rewards?

It is easy to set up, can be used schoolwide, is appropriate for all grade levels, saves time, requires no special equipment, provides customer support, promotes fidelity of use in Positive Behavioral Interventions, does not require student IDs, and reduces Office Discipline Referrals (ODRs).

DoPBIS Rewards Require Special Equipment?

No. You can use the Apps on your smartphone or tablet or access the web portal from virtually any web browser.

What Is the PBIS Rewards Advanced Referral System?

The PBIS Rewards Advanced Referral System is an add-on feature that helps track office discipline referrals. Schools using this feature have seen a greater than 30% reduction in ODRs.

Do PBIS Rewards Require Student IDs?

While ID badges are preferred by most schools, PBIS Rewards also has other options available for recognizing students.

Can PBIS Rewards Be Used Outside the Classroom?

Yes, any staff member can recognize any student anywhere. This takes PBIS beyond the walls of your classroom.

How Does PBIS Rewards Support the Positive Behavioral Interventions Program?

It helps to foster accountability and fidelity in your Positive Behavioral Interventions program with features like referral tracking, Check-In/Check-Out, and a teacher rewards system.

How Much Does PBIS Rewards Cost?

The pricing is $750 per school and $2.00 per student for a school year. However, prices may vary, so it’s best to request a price quote directly from the official website.

Final Words

The implementation of PBIS Rewards in schools is revolutionizing the way we approach behavior management in education. This powerful system allows schools to acknowledge and reward positive behaviors in a fun, efficient, and meaningful way.

The result is an enhanced school climate, better student engagement, and a more effective approach to fostering and reinforcing positive behavior.

Positive Behavioral Interventions Rewards is more than just a digital rewards system; it’s a comprehensive solution that bridges the gap between behavioral theory and practical implementation, ensuring that every student can thrive in a positive and supportive learning environment.

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